55 Tchaikovsky St., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 600-24-10
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Advantages of booking on the site:

Best Price Guaranteed

Payment without commission by card of any bank

Instant confirmation

Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

Great breakfasts

For reservations of 7 nights or more, a gift transfer

Free bottle of water

Pets allowed

Children under 5 years stay free

The ability to independently change your reservation in your account

A nice birthday bonus

Free Breakfast and romance of St. Petersburg roofs

  • Attic rooms are becoming increasingly popular and their advantage consists of a full-fledged living space and comfortable stay, inextricably with the unusual layout, which creates a cozy and romantic mood.
  • For the first time attic rooms appeared in Paris in the 17th century. Francois Mansard is considered their creator, by his name this construction got its name. And the first Russian mansards appeared in St. Petersburg in the 18th century.
  • When booking attic rooms at rates without Breakfast, free Breakfast for each guest - as a gift. Simply use the MANSARD promo code when booking online or through the reservations Department.
  • Special conditions:
  • * Booking via hotel staff or official website
  • * This offer cannot be combined with any other special offers or discounts. The free services offered cannot be replaced and the cash equivalent is not paid.